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What To Do

With the location of Strittmattergut being so close to lake Schluchsee, in the midst of the magnificent landscape of the nature park Hochschwarzwald, the holiday cottage is an ideal starting point to take a closer look at its beautiful environment.


Whether you want to do this on foot, by bike, in a car or on a motorbike is entirely your decision. 

On the next pages we would like to show you some interesting places nearby and also some a bit further away - but they will all definitely be worth seeing. 

The Lake

The closest option...  

Since it is only about 600m on foot from Strittmattergut to the lake and its dam, it is basically a must to explore it while you are here. 

After all, with its length of nearly 7.5km and a maximum width of about 1.5km it is the biggest lake in the Black Forest. The fact that its shore is easily accessible almost everywhere it is a paradise for anyone who loves their water sports.

Deep Gorges

Discover the majestic gorges of the Black Forest!

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of natural wonders that the Black Forest has to offer and explore the breathtaking gorges of this enchanting region.


Experience the incomparable beauty and diversity of the Black Forest's gorge landscape - whether on a leisurely hike along the clear streams or climbing over imposing rock formations.

Thundering Waterfalls

Welcome to the realm of waterfalls in the Black Forest!

Are you ready for an adventure in nature? Do you want to get away from it all and enjoy nature to the full?


Here are a few of the fascinating Black Forest waterfalls that are easily accessible from the Strittmattergut. Whether you enjoy hiking, feel the refreshing power of the water or are simply looking for the tranquillity of nature - there's sure to be something for you here!

Culinary Delights

And because you can enjoy not only the wonderful nature in the Black Forest, but also great regional specialties, we would like to introduce you to our favorite restaurants in the area. 


The recommendations come from the heart!

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