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The Farm House

As the road in Blasiwald at the Eisenbreche leads up the little hillock, the big dark roof of the traditional Black Forest farm house slowly comes into sight. When you arrive you discover the impressive size of the venerable building on your left hand side.

Strittmattergut is a historic Black Forest farm, which was built in 1748. Hidden under the typically massive roof is the holiday cottage, which takes up most of the southern annex of the farm, the holiday apartment along with another apartment which are situated in the initial farm building as well as the still existing stables and the traditional barn. 


The farm house is located in a wonderfully quiet spot right on the edge of the forest, surrounded by a spacious garden and a small stream splashing along at the rear of the property. Lake Schluchsee,  originally a glacial lake, which was dammed up to become the biggest Black Forest lake, is one of the cleanest lakes in all of Germany and can easily be reached on foot in about ten minutes. 

Experience the cozy atmosphere of this wonderful Black Forest farm house and enjoy the fresh Black Forest air on long hikes through lush forests and romantic gorges with rushing waterfalls, escape with a carefree boat trip on Lake Schluchsee, take a day trip to the city of Freiburg or discover some of the dreamy little villages of the Black Forest. How about a side trip into nearby Switzerland, to Lake Constance or maybe to close by Alsace? - The possibilities in the region are endless.

In winter time the ski areas around the Feldberg and in Menzenschwand provide more than 60km of perfectly prepared cross-country ski trails and many opportunities for snowshoe walking in the snow-covered forests or on the surrounding hills.


And after an excursion in the fresh air, what could be better than warming up at the wonderful Kachelofen in a cozy living room?

The History of the Farm House

Strittmattergut was built in 1748 as a one roof farm building, which is a typical building style for around the Schluchsee area. The farm house was built parallel to the hillside with the ridge of the roof and with the living area pointing downwards into the valley. A few years later, around 1840, the living area of the house was remodelled and an annex added towards the south...

Since this amazing old building has drawn us into its spell from the first moment, we have eventually decided to take it over. We would like to look after this wonderful historic estate and above all maintain it.

Of course we are extremely interested in the whole long history of this marvellous Black Forest farm and we want to find out as much as possible about it. Therefore, whenever we get the chance, we try to find out as much as possible about its history. As soon as we have new insights, we will definitely share those with you - so please keep an eye out for news here!

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