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Deep Gorges

The Wutach Gorge

With a length of over 30 kilometers, it is one of the deepest and most impressive gorges in Germany. Located in the middle of the Black Forest, the Wutach Gorge offers an incomparable variety of landscapes, ranging from steep rock faces to dense forests and clear river courses.

The impressive geology of this gorge has been shaped by the Wutach river over millions of years, on your hikes. Fascinating rock formations and layers of rock tell the story of the earth's history and offer a textbook of nature you can touch.

The Wutach Gorge is also home to a diverse flora and fauna that is second to none. Rare plant species such as the silver thistle and lady's slipper make their home here, while birds of prey such as the peregrine falcon circle majestically above the gorge walls. With a bit of luck, you may even spot shy forest dwellers such as the lynx or deer in their natural habitat. 

The Ravenna Gorge 

Explore the untouched nature and breathtaking beauty of the Ravenna Gorge in the heart of the Black Forest. Hike along the Ravenna stream past old mills and be impressed by the wild beauty of the gorge - the large Ravenna Falls have a drop of up to 16 meters.

The Ravenna Gorge Christmas Market, which takes place every year under the almost 40-metre-high Ravenna Bridge, on which the Höllentalbahn train runs to Freiburg, attracts visitors from near and far.

Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere and enjoy regional delicacies or get excited about handmade works of art in the midst of this magical setting. From the Strittmattergut, the Ravenna Gorge can be reached by car in around 30 minutes, parking spaces are available for a fee.

The Windberg Gorge

The romantic Windberg Gorge lies just outside St. Blasien. Along the crystal-clear Windberg stream, the narrow and sometimes stony path leads up through the wild Bannwald forest while you listen to the soothing sound of the water. Immerse yourself in a world of steep walls and dense, green forests. The trail continues steadily uphill over rocky steps and small bridges until the gorge opens up a little at some point and the roar becomes stronger - here the approximately 6m high waterfall indicates the end of the gorge and you reach the picturesque Windberg valley via the forest path.

Windberg Gorge can be reached via car, parking in St. Blasien or if feeling more energetic a beautiful 10 km roundtrip hike from Strittmattergut.


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